UNIVERSE Music, Kang Daniel Raises Excitement With ‘Outerspace (Feat. Loco)’ TEASER A

Published on May 13, 2021

Shortly before the release of his UNIVERSE Music release, Kang Daniel releases the first music video teaser for “Outerspace (Feat. Loco).”

On May 10, NCSoft and Klap released the “Outerspace (Feat. Loco) Official Music Video Teaser A (Agent Ver.)” across its official social networking sites. In the new, 26-second teaser, similar elements as those found in the earlier released “Concept Film: Silent Black” can be found, though colored this time.

Stills from (Photo : Klap)

In the Teaser A (Agent Ver.), Kang Daniel is seen with a smooth swagger as he strides through a hallway. Other parts emphasize his role as an agent and increase curiosity as to what the music video will look like upon its release, such as opening a coded briefcase and Kang Daniel brandishing a pistol against adversaries.

A fascinating yet curious aspect of the MV teaser are people in gorilla masks, as well as illustrations of monkeys and bananas at one point of the teaser. The same masked person appears at the end of the teaser, appearing to be in a meeting with Kang Daniel – in a white shirt and shoulder holsters, carrying the aforementioned briefcase.

So far, Kang Daniel and UNIVERSE Music has successfully created an air of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming “Outerspace (Feat. Loco).” Prior to the Teaser A, they have also released a black and white “Concept Film: Silent Black” as well as concept photos showing Kang Daniel in his sleek and charming secret agent outfit.

Set for release on May 13, 6 PM KST, “Outerspace (Feat. Loco)” is the latest offering from UNIVERSE Music – the series of original music content from the NCSoft and Klap-developed K-pop fan interaction platform. Kicked off by IZ*ONE and “D-D-Dance” last January, Kang Daniel and Loco’s collaboration will be the fifth entry – following Jo Sumi and Rain’s “Guardians,” Park Ji Joon and LeeHi’s “Call U Up,” and (G)I-DLE’s “Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom).”

See Kang Daniel’s “Outerspace (Feat. Loco) Official Music Video Teaser A (Agent Ver.)” below: