Top 5 Korean Female stars That Fans Want To Date The Most In July!

Published on 13/07/2021

Using responses from over a thousand Koreans, a survey which celebrities they would like to date in July. Here are the 5 Korean pretty girls who received the most love.

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK Jennie and Kuma

BLACKPINK Jennie and Kuma

At the top of this list is the beautiful female member of BLACKPINK, Jennie. Not only is she good at singing, she is also extremely charming and friendly. You will definitely have a great date with this girl.

2.Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung is becoming more and more beautiful and really attractive. Her cheerfulness and freshness will make your heart skip a beat.

3. Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae

Suzy Bae would be your perfect date, she really is a date goddess.

4.Kim Go Eun

Kim Go EunKim Go Eun

Her gentleness will make you fall in love, and every man will fall for her.



Although Seulgi’s waist size has yet to be found out, fans have guessed that it could be 24 inches. With such a super sexy girl, everyone wants to date her.