Top 20 Most Beautiful Female K-Pop Idols Selected by Japanese Girls

Published on 16/07/2021

Japanese girls selected the most beautiful female K-pop idols on Ranking.Net. Want to know who made the top rankings? Then keep on reading! is a website that determines rankings through users and experts votes in different categories. While anyone can make an account and vote, Ranking.Net also takes into account the opinions of experts who vote for the rankings.

TWICE Tzuyu and Chaeyoung Selected as the Top Two Most Beautiful Female K-Pop Idols

Ranking at the top of this ranking is none other than TWICEs visual maknae, Tzuyu! Experts who voted for the female idol noted that Tzuyu ranked at the top of TC Candlers “100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World” list in 2019, proving her beloved visuals. Others also noted that despite being 172cm tall, Tzuyus face does not appear bigger than her members, proving her small face is just so gorgeous.


(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Previously, Japanese plastic surgeon Mikiya Takasu said Tzuyu is one of the top ten female artists chosen by clients as their model when coming to his surgery clinic. She was the only foreigner on his list and the only K-pop idol mentioned.

The surgeon praised Tzuyus harmonious features, saying her facial contour is perfect. He also complimented her perfect nose and pretty double eyelids.


(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Ranking in second place is fellow TWICE member Chaeyoung. Experts who voted for Chaeyoung said that since she is in charge of rap, many believed she would be cool and chic.

However, the more people get to know Chaeyoung, they discover that she is petite, cute, and full of energy.


(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Chaeyoung was praised for her positive energy and for her beauty that gets better and better with time.

BLACKPINK Lisa Selected as the Third Most Beautiful Female K-Pop Idol by Japanese Girls

Ranking in third place is none other than BLACKPINKs main dancer, Lisa! Experts praised the Thai idol for her beautiful and cool style. In addition, many appreciated the idols extraordinary, cute, and chic personality.


(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

In 2020, Lisa ranked number one on TC Candlers “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020” list. For the South East Asia version of this list, Lisa ranked at number one.

These are the Most Beautiful Female K-Pop Idols, According to Japanese Girls

1. TWICEs Tzuyu

2. TWICEs Chaeyoung


4. IZ*ONEs Kim Chaewon

5. IZ*ONEs Kim Minju

6. TWICEs Mina

7. NiziUs Ayaka

8. TWICEs Momo

9. TWICEs Sana

10. Red Velvets Irene

11. ITZYs Yuna

12. TWICEs Dahyun

13. TWICEs Jihyo

14. NiziUs Rio

15. IZ*ONEs Ahn Yujin

16. TWICEs Jeongyeon

17. Girls Generations YoonA

18. NiziUs Mako

19. TWICEs Nayeon

20. IZ*ONEs Jang Wonyoung