Top 15 Most Popular K-Pop Groups in Thailand

Published on 20/07/2021

From July 5 to July 19, Idol Champ held a poll to discover which K-pop idol group is the most popular in Thailand. Keep on reading to see the top groups!

The group that ranks at number one by the end of the poll will win a subway advertisement in Terminal 21 in Bangkok, Thailand.

In addition, idol Champ asks the group who won to send videos or images to their email by July 21, and if they were to submit later, the advertisement might not run properly.

GOT7 is the Most Popular Group in Thailand

Ranking at the top and taking the title of “most popular K-pop group in Thailand” is GOT7! GOT7’s popularity in Thailand is partly credited to their Thai member, Bambam.

Often the idol is called the “Prince of Thailand” due to his popularity in the country, and the group has scored some CF deals in Thailand due to their fame.


(Photo : GOT7 Twitter)

In 2016, GOT7 became brand models for the beauty brand IT’S SKIN in Thailand. That same year, the group was also named brand ambassadors for soft lens brand BAUSCH+LOMB and soda brand Est Cola.

In addition, members Mark, Bambam, and Jinyoung starred in a short film titled “Sanctuary” with three Thai actors to promote BAUSCH+LOMB.

In 2017, GOT7 became the face of the popular seaweed snack Tao Kae Noi.

Bambam himself has boasted immense popularity in his homeland. In 2017, the idol partnered with Yamaha Thailand.

In 2019, Bambam was named the spokesman for a campaign launched by UNICEF Thailand against child abuse. His partnership continues in 2020, where he took part in a virtual concert to raise awareness and support for families affected by COVID-19.


(Photo : Bambam Instagram)

In 2019, Bambam’s Twitter account was the most mentioned entertainment account in the country. In 2021, Vogue Thailand named Bambam as one of the top 100 influencers in the fashion industry in Thailand.

NCT 127 is the Second Most Popular Group in Thailand

Second place goes to the SM Entertainment boy group, NCT 127! Like GOT7, NCT 127 has also scored CFs in Thailand due to their popularity in the company.

In 2017, NCT 127 was named the face of snack brand Masita. Members Taeyong, Ten, Mark, Jaehyun, and Doyoung even attended a press conference that year to promote the brand.

NCT 127

(Photo : NCT 127 Twitter)

That same year, NCT 127’s Taeyong and fellow NCT member Ten, who hails from Thailand, were selected as the new soda brand Est Play models.

NCT 127 held their first concert in Thailand in 2019. The first two shows were sold out in three minutes, and when the third show was added, the tickets sold out in a minute. That means that 18,000 concert tickets were sold in mere minutes, proving NCT 127’s popularity in the country.

NCT 127

(Photo : NCT 127 Twitter)

These are the Most Popular Groups in Thailand, According to Idol Champ

*Note: Percentage of votes received seen next to the group’s name

1. GOT7 – 47.02%

2. NCT 127 – 28.88%

3. Stray Kids – 7.64%

4. WayV – 4.63%

5. BLACKPINK – 2.48%

6. NU’EST – 1.78%

7. TREASURE – 1.61%

8. AB6IX – 1.43%

9. TXT – 1.23%

10. THE BOYZ – 0.96%

11. TWICE – 0.62%

12. Red Velvet – 0.47%

13. aespa – 0.44%

14. CIX – 0.44%

15. SF9 – 0.30%

Did your favorite K-pop group make the list?