TOP 10 Korean Horror Movies You Should Watch In 2021

Published on 14/09/2021

Tired of romantic Korean movies that make you feel a little too single? Well, get on the spooky bandwagon and explore some of the best horror Korean Movies out there.

Here Are The Best Korean Horror Dramas To Watch In 2021:

The 8th Night

With prayer beads in one hand and an ax in the other, a monk hunts down a millennia-old spirit that’s possessing humans and unleashing hell on Earth.n


Jung Seok, a former soldier, along with his teammates, sets out on a mission to battle hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies in the Korean peninsula wastelands.

The Closet

After losing his wife, a father tries to start over in a new home with his daughter. But things take a turn when strange noises trickle out of the closet, and his daughter goes missing.

The Call

Connected by phone in the same home but 20 years apart, a serial killer puts another woman’s past — and life — on the line to change her own fate.

The Cursed: Dead’s Man Prey

A mysterious serial murder cases take place by jaechaui (dead bodies which have risen from the dead and able to talk). These bodies are manipulated by someone.

The Grotesque Mansion

An omnibus work that captures the strange and eerie real-life horror that happens while webtoon writer Ji Woo reports on the abandoned apartment Gwanglim Mansion.

Hotel Lake

After her mother’s death, Yumi asks her mother’s friend Gyeong-seon, who runs Hotel Lake, to take care of her younger sister. However, Yumi and her sister start to experience a strange phenomenon and soon learn the horrible facts about the hotel.

The Gossip

A movie about a bloody and comical “Sseol” exhibition of characters who are in a situation where they cannot tell what is true or false.

Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming

Strange things happen in the closed toilets of Eunhee’s old school, where she was deputy head girl. Hayeong and Soyeon, who used the place as their hideout, believed there was a ghost there

The Hypnosis

Jin-ho lost his parents in an an accident as a child, he receives hypnosis to treat his trauma related to the accident.