Top 10 K-Pop Idols with Unique Voices That Recognized By Anyone

Published on 14/07/2021

Each member of a K-pop group has their own identity, but there is always one member considered the most characteristic vocal of the group. They may not be the main vocal or the lead vocal, but their voice definitely stands out!

Keep on reading to see ten idols with unique voices that even non-fans recognize!

1. BIGBANG G-Dragon


(Photo : Nicole Voon, CC BY 2.0 (Wikimedia Commons))

Even if you are not a K-pop fan, you have most likely heard G-Dragons voice. Though all BIGBANG members have unique voices, G-Dragon has risen to immense fame for his. His trademark nasal voice has become iconic to BIGBANGs discography.

2. SHINee Jonghyun


(Photo : Im Sorry, im late (Wikimedia Commons))

Jonghyun has a unique voice that even non-fans can recognize when listening to SHINee, and it is thanks to the excellent vocal skills he possesses. Though he has become an angel in heaven now, people still cannot forget the idols extraordinary vocals.

3. EXO Baekhyun


(Photo : Light Monde – Tistory, CC BY 4.0 (Wikimedia Commons))

Numerous EXO members can easily be distinguished through their voices. While most fans think Chanyeol, with his deep voice, would be the most recognized, it is actually Baekhyun who has the most distinctive vocal color in the group.

From the way he sings to the emotions he carries, Baekhyuns voice is genuinely unmistakable!

4. MAMAMOO Hwasa


(Photo : 4withsun (Wikimedia Commons))

MAMAMOO is known as a group whose members all have good vocals that are a pleasure to listen to. In addition, they all have their distinct voices and unique vocal strengths.

However, when asked who the most distinctive voice in the group is, many agree that it is Hwasa!

5. TWICE Sana


(Photo : 월아조운 (Wikimedia Commons))

Sana may not be TWICEs main vocalist, but her voice is the most distinctive, and even non-fans agree that Sanas voice stands out!

Of course, it helps that Sanas lines have often gone viral thanks to her adorable aegyo, such as her “shy, shy shy” part in “CHEER UP.”

Many agree that without Sanas voice, TWICE songs would lack something important.

6. NCT Mark


(Photo : Mark Instagram)

Perhaps it is because Mark has debuted so many times — with NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and SuperM — but many agree that Marks trademark rap in NCT and SuperM has made his voice easily distinguishable.

7. Red Velvet Seulgi


(Photo : SeulRene IS LOVE️ (Wikimedia Commons))

While Seulgi and Joy are often mentioned when talking about the most distinguishable voices in Red Velvet, many agree that Seulgis thick voice and expressiveness while singing helps her stand out more in the group.



(Photo : Rosé Instagram)

BLACKPINK members all have an easily distinguishable voice, but Rosés voice is often considered the most unique.

The idol has a distinct vocal timbre, with South Korean singer Gummy praising her unique voice as the type young people would love. Whenever people hear Rosés voice, they know immediately it is BLACKPINK singing!

9. Stray Kids Felix


(Photo : Stray Kids Instagram)

Felix possesses fairy-like visuals… perhaps that is why his distinctive baritone voice is so shocking to most people! Some people may not be familiar with Stray Kids songs, but they are most likely familiar with Felixs most iconic line to date: “Cooking like a chef, Im a five-star Michelin.”

10. ENHYPEN Jungwon


(Photo : ENHYPEN Twitter)

Though ENHYPEN is just rookies and many people may not yet know much about the group, many have stated that Jungwons voice stands out the most when listening to an ENHYPEN song. His voice is most easily recognizable due to his distinct vocal timbre and the brightness he brings to a song.

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