Top 10 Countries With The Most Votes For BTS At The ‘Billboard Music Awards 2021’

Published on May 13, 2021

Late last month, the “Billboard Music Awards 2021” announced the nominees for its upcoming awards ceremony. There are 3 K-Pop groups on the list of nominations for this year’s “Billboard Music Awards”, including BTS, SEVENTEEN and BLACKPINK.

The Billboard Music Awards Gets a 2021 Date

BTS received a total of 4 nominations for this year’s awards ceremony, setting a new record as this is the most number of nominations they have ever received at the “Billboard Music Awards”. This is the third year in a row that BTS has been nominated in the Top Duo / Group category – a category they won in 2019, along with Top Social Artist – the award they have consecutively won over the last 4 years. In addition, BTS also appeared in the nomination list for the Top Song Sales Artist category and Top Selling Song (with the great success of the hit “Dynamite”). This is the first time they’re nominated for these two important categories.

Meanwhile, the other 2 K-Pop representatives who will compete at the “Billboard Music Awards 2021”, BLACKPINK and SEVENTEEN, are both nominated for the Top Social Artist category, directly competing with BTS, Ariana Grande and SB19. This is also the first time SEVENTEEN and BLACKPINK have entered the nomination list for the “Billboard Music Awards”.

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Having 3 Korean representatives, the battle for the Top Social Artist category has attracted greater attention from K-Pop fans than ever. At 1 AM KST on May 11, the voting for the Top Social Artist category officially opened with 2 voting methods on Twitter and on Billboard’s official website. And from the very first days of voting, BTS’s fandom showed its strength as they outstrip the other fandoms.

Just 1 hour after voting opened, the number of votes for BTS has surpassed 2.4 million, while the remaining artists have not even reached 500,000 votes. As of 12 PM on May 12, the total number of votes for BTS has reached more than 10 million, far ahead of the other competitors.

BTS’s fans even listed the top 20 countries that voted the most for the Big Hit boy group in the Top Social Artist category of the “Billboard Music Awards 2021”. This is the specific order:

1. America

2. Spain

3. Korea

4. The Philippines

5. Thailand

6. Indonesia

7. Brazil

8. Vietnam

9. India

10. Mexico

11. Turkey

12. Argentina

13. Peru

14. Japan

15. Colombia

16. Germany

17. Malaysia

18. Bangladesh

19. Iran

20. Chile

Accordingly, the US is still the most active market in voting for BTS at BBMAs, and another important market, Korea is also in the top 3. The biggest surprise to Korean netizens is Spain and Japan being #2# and #14. Many people didn’t expect that Spain fans would contribute the second most votes to BTS despite the country’s relatively small population. On the contrary, Korean netizens are still surprised when Japan is not in the top 10 on the list above.

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Some comments from Knet:

– “Spain is the most shocking ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Their population is less than Korea but more votes ??”

– “What are Korean ARMYs doing?? We can’t lose!!”

– “Amazingly there is no Japan in the top 10… ‘Dynamite’ is very popular in Japan”

– “Spain’s population is less than 50 million… It’s a miracle”

– “What happened to Spain? ㅇㅇ”

– “Japanese fans are very lazy when it comes to voting, especially through retweet like this.”

– “Seeing Korea  at the 3rd place hurts my self-esteem .. I have to vote right now”

Meanwhile, BTS has recently confirmed that they will perform their new song ‘Butter’ at the “Billboard Music Awards 2021” ceremony. ‘Butter’ will be officially release at 13 PM KST on May 21, and at 20 PM KST on May 23, BTS will be performing their new single live for the first time.