T-ara Reveals How K-pop Idols Secretly Date In Real Life

Published on 13/07/2021

In the July 10th episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers,” T-ara appeared with complete members: Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon. In the broadcast, they showcased their strong and unique charms, sharing various stories when they were still actively promoting as K-pop idols.

T-ara Shares How K-pop Idols Go to Secret Dates in the Past

T-ara Reveals How K-pop Idols Secretly Date + Hints at Possible Comeback

(Photo : T-ara (Jiyeon Instagram))

During the show, the female icons narrated their dorm life stories, like how they dated despite living together. T-ara, prior to their hiatus, lived in a dormitory for about seven to eight years.

Then, they were asked, “How did you date when you couldn’t use your phone in the past?” T-ara then explained, “We helped each other a lot.”

Eunjung revealed they would take turns when dating, and look out for the members when they have to go out.

They added, “We even decorated the bed as if the member was sleeping. Acting was important in front of the manager.”

T-ara Reveals How K-pop Idols Secretly Date + Hints at Possible Comeback

(Photo : T-ara (Instagram))

Hyomin also said, “We didn’t have a proper place to meet, so we talked for a while on the roof of our accommodation. One day, when the dates overlap, we made concessions to each other.” The members specifically chose places with benches as the most popular dating spots among K-pop idols.

When the MCs teased them about dating Korean celebrities and if those people are still promoting, Eunjung responded, “Of course, they are living happily.”

T-ara Wants to Make a Comeback as Full Group

2021 is truly the “golden days” for second-generation K-pop groups. Starting from SHINee, Super Junior, HIGHLIGHT, After School, 2PM, and more reunions and comebacks, T-ara also expressed their desire to make their return in the K-pop scene.

T-ara Reveals How K-pop Idols Secretly Date + Hints at Possible Comeback

(Photo : T-ara (Hyomin Instagram))

The female stars said they are still T-ara even after downsizing into four members after some members left. In fact, they won a dispute against their former company, having the right to keep their group’s name.

Jiyeon emphasized, “There are many people who think T-ara has disbanded. But it’s not. From six, we are now a four-membered complete group,” adding, ” We are also planning activities again these days. We are talking about our comeback.”

At the end of the program, Qri said, “It was really fun. If we make a comeback, I want to come out again. We hope you welcome us.”

T-ara debuted in 2009 and rose into popularity for their unconventional concepts, such as robots, cats, zombies, and more. They also released numerous hit tracks, including, “Bo Peep Bo Peep, ” TTL (Time to Love),” and “You Drive Me Crazy.”