Suga Reveals How He Became “Student Who Made His High School Shine”

Published on 15/07/2021

ARMYs all know that Suga is a basketball lover and he is also very good at this sport. Recently on a BTS show, Suga revealed that he and his clαssmates once brought glory to the school thanks to their basketball sкιℓℓs.

BTS Suga is a pretty talented basketball player and he was a member of his high school’s team. Suga has been playing basketball since he was in high school, and is so pαssionate that his school friends believe he will grow up to be a professional basketball player. The position Suga plays is usually PG Point Guard who controls the ball and SG Shooting Guard who specializes in scoring. His feet are quick, and he’s better at defending than attacking.

But then he fell in love with rap and became an indispensable part of BTS. In fact, even when he became a trainee of BigHit Entertainment, he still went out to play basketball on Sundays. In 2015, Suga scored a total of 7 points at the Chuseok ISAC sports festival.

BTS Suga played  basketball at ISAC 2015

Recently, in the program “A Butterful Getaway with BTS” – the program that debuted BTS’s song Permission To Dance on stage, Suga talked about how his basketball sкιℓℓs have helped “bring glory” to his high school, Kangbuk High School.

There was a segment where the members recounted what they went through as children. Suga shared that he entered a basketball competition in his 1st year of high school. Suga then shared that he won the contest!

And surprisingly, the BTS members are also hearing this story for the first time. Suga then boasted and said that he and his clαssmates brought glory to Kangbuk High School with the award from that basketball competition.

After sharing this story, Jimin teased Suga to return to the present time!