Studio Dragon to Launch the First-Ever ‘Vincenzo’ Patterned Lighter Merch

Published on 16/07/2021

Hold it like Vincenzo Cassano!

Have you missed seeing Vincenzo Cassano playing with his iconic lighter? Well, you already have the chance to have your own Cassano-patterned lighter, but with a twist!

Cassano-Patterned Lighter is Studio Dragon’s First NFT Digital Goods Item

On July 15, according to Studio Dragon, the drama production company behind “Vincenzo” announced that they would be launching ‘Digital Goods’ based on NFT (Non Fungible Token).

 Song Joong Ki's character as a Mafia Consigliere for the drama 'Vincenzo'

(Photo : tvn’s official Instagram)

Studio Dragon will start selling NFT digital goods with Korbit, the first virtual asset exchange in Korea. And due to the popularity of the crime-comedy drama “Vincenzo” this 2021, they had decided that the first item that they will be producing is the Cassano-patterned lighter NFT, for it mainly caught the attention of the global audience during the time when the legal series was aired.



It will be sold to the first 100 applicants from June 21 after pre-registration is received on July 15. You can visit Studio Dragon’s official site for more information. In addition, NFT means non-tangible token and is an encryption technology that records digital pictures and music on the blockchain to give each content a unique mark.

Vincenzo Lighter

(Photo : Star News)

Transaction records are automatically saved and cannot be forged, so it will be possible to immediately identify the owner of a specific asset. The detailed information about the drama will be included in the digital goods, such as the creator of the work and when it was sold to whom. This will be a new platform to showcase various K-drama merchandise.

Digital Goods is the New Face of K-Drama Merchandise

Before, NFT struggled to maintain their virtual assets, but because of the demands of the consumers nowadays when it comes to digital arts, online sports, and game item trading, NFT started to attract bigger markets.


Studio Dragon also stated on the report that they will publish NFTs based on various premium IPs loved by the global viewers. Making and producing digital goods by adding design work that adds meaning and authenticity to the product such as props and drama posters.

Vincenzo Still

(Photo : tvN)

Director of Studio Dragon’s Content IP Business Bureau, Yoo Bong Yeol, shared that they are glad to launch the first NFT product, which has recently been recognized as the new asset type in the drama industry.

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Source: Kdramastars.