Russian Printing Company Refuses To Print Photos Of BTS As They Claim K-pop Is LGBTQ+ Propaganda

Published on 15/07/2021

Recently, the social network became agitated by an incident related to gender discrimination and the LGBT community in r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a. Specifically, it was reported, that a printing company refused to print photos of K-pop idols, accusing them of ‘LGBTQ propaganda’.

According to a recent story in the r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a ̾n Times, the PinkyPop cafe in Ekaterinburg in the country’s Ural Federal District sent an order to a local print shop with good ratings and reviews. This order is for some posters and pictures of the popular K-pop group BTS. The cafe has a K-pop theme and is hoping to print some banners, greeting cards and other materials featuring BTS along with a fairly popular overseas boy band, Stray Kids.

Pinkypop’s Kpop goods before

As the PinkyPop owners explained in a deleted story posted on their Instagram (@PinkyPop.Cafe), the print shop is ready to process their order – until they see the content: “We discussed all of the work and details, and placed our first order”

Then, when the printing factory saw a picture of BTS at that time, “[After they saw the photos of BTS and Stray Kids] they began to ignore us” added the store owner. When they were finally able to contact the printer’s owner and ask for an explanation, the printer said to his homophobia: “Do I understand correctly that these people have a non-traditional orientation?” asked, adding that the band members were not “hiding their orientation” and stated “we are not going to print this.”

The printing company in the r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a ̾n city of Ekaterinburg further told the cafe owner, “their children to become perverts” and stated that it was “stupid to support something that may leave you with no grandchildren” during a conversation on Whatsapp, accusing K-pop idols of being a negative influence and propaganda that turns young people into homoṩệẍuality.

According to the media, the printing company was initially reluctant to respond, but its owner Konstantin Papulov, a heteroṩệẍual man and staunch supporter of traditional values, told the press they had enough ‘normal’ customers and can choose who they want to work with.

The print shop owner emphasized that images of K-pop stars are part of ‘LGBT propaganda’, which is banned in r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a ̾. He explained to the media that he decided not to print photos of K-pop idols for fear of getting in trouble with the law.

r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a ̾ has always been a fairly conservative country but has become increasingly hostile to the LGBTQ+ community over the years. Earlier this year, r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a ̾n President Vladimir Putin enacted a number of anti-LGBTQ+ amendments, including a ban on marriage equality, a ban on transgender adoption and making “belief in God” the country’s core values.

In addition, in St.Petersburg’s Nevsky district, school teachers are ordered to review students’ social media profiles and write reports about people they suspect may be LGBTQ+ or their allies. Another example was when a r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a ̾n ice cream brand was accused of promoting “gay propaganda” because it sold rainbow ice cream.

BTS is one of the best-selling recording artists in the world, and part of their popularity is in their home country of ḳöŕệä. BTS has also always been a proponent of good moral values ​​and said no to discriminating against ṩệẍual orientation. In their latest song, they have mentioned the British music legend Elton John as a pride in which, Elton John is an icon of the LGBT community when he had a romantic same-̾s̾e̾x love during the past 27 years and same-̾s̾e̾x marriage. In the speech of the leader RM at the United Nations, which resonated, all people of all “gender identities” have the right to “speak yourself“.

BTS mentioned about LGBT many times

Many K-pop fans in general and ARMY in particular in r̾u̾s̾s̾i̾a ̾ and around the world are criticizing this printing company and saying how ignorant they are:

– How do all lgbtq ppl breath in russia?

– It’s a shame that when soмєтнing good and connected with kpop happens in ŕüṩṩïä, they are silent about it, and such a small event that causes negative emotions not only to this man, but to the whole country is immediately highlighted in the world

– Business ŀöṩẗ, unto another company that wants money. Like BTS says “Life Goes On”

– We live in a modern era… wtf..

– And there’re whole shelves of books about K-pop in our bookstores wow. In Moscow at least. But right now ŕüṩṩïä actually has a lot of problems with accepting LBGTQ+, I can’t believe this is happening in 2021

– The culture is not yet ready to accept LGBTQ+, Lady Gaga also has this problems before. But it didn’t stop her to do her concert. Give them time

– it’s 2021 and some people still has this type of mind

– They cannot accept the change. Homoṩệẍuality is a individual’s choice, and is not by the influence of any idols. Honest truth is many people just cannot accept the fact that our boys are breaking the ‘MANLY’ barrier and redefining it. No matter what, our boys will shine.

Source: worldhours24