RM Becomes The Youngest Among The Most Credited Korean Artists According To KOMCA

Published on 17/07/2021

Known as one of the most talented and omnipotent leaders in Kpop. Not only possessing impressive rapping ability, RM is also very famous as a music producer. Recently, RM was also recognized as the Youngest Most Credited Korean Artist According To KOMCA in the Kpop world.

Recently, ARMYs have been extremely excited by the newly announced information of the ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a Music Copyright Association, also known as KOMCA. That’s the fact that RM of BTS has now become the second most credited ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾an artist and the youngest artist achieving this.

As of July 15, 2021, KOMCA’s most recognized artist is VIXX’s Ravi, with 197 credits. Following him is PSY and RM, both with 176 credits, followed by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon with 174 credits.

KOMCA Top Most Credited Artists – Update (2021_07_15)

1. Ravi – 197

2. PSY – 176

2. RM – 176

3. G-Dragon – 174

RM is now the youngest most credited artist and tied in second place with PSY in KOMCA.

Before that, RM was considered the third most trusted artist. After BTS’s comeback with summer ḧïẗ “Butter”, he has as many tracks as PSY has and becomes the second most credits artist. In KOMCA, RM has a total of 176 songs named after him after songs like TXT’s “0X1 = LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” with pH-1, Wooďïệ Gochild and Seori were added.

RM credits

Most of BTS’s songs from title tracks to B-sides feature this talented leader. And just like what we’ve heard, RM’s lyrics and his writing sḳïŀŀs are beyond imagination. Even Canadian singer, songwriter Jenna Andrews is famous and named RM As “World Cla̾s̾s Production Talent”.

She has ever said that: “RM really doesn’t get enough credit for his world-cla̾s̾s executive production talent,”. Andrews also mentioned that it’s not just the sound of BTS that RM has led — it’s also “music and pop culture at the highest levels”. According to the musician, every musical decision RM makes (most of which aren’t even made public) has an impact on the overall entertainment sector. Jenna Andrews also went on to point to RM’s key strengths, including his ability to bring out the best in his bandmates and his ability to mix languages ​​and cultures when it comes to songwriting. In her view, RM has a “superhuman level of professionalism and talent” – somєthing ARMYs can certainly agree on.

On social media, ARMYs are also congratulating RM on his latest achievement. As a result, #RM176KOMCA has trended on Twitter with over 126,000 tweets:

Namjoon is the 2nd most credited artist (176 CREDITS) on KOMCA and also the youngest! Our hardworking, humble, and talented Leader. I’m so proud of you, I love you joonie

I will forever admire Kim Namjoon. His leadership, his involvement in music production, his skills and brain, his build…THIS GUY IS UNMATCHED. So grateful that he is a member of BTS.

Kim Namjoon is now second most credited artist on KOMCA and the youngest too! Our joonie!! Our leader!!!CONGRATULATIONS NAMJOON#RM176KOMCA