Netizens React To Han So Hee’s ‘Real Personality’ Shown Through Her Instagram Posts

Published on 16/07/2021

Han So Hee is widely recognized for her exceptional beauty, and has been gaining immense popularity for her role as Yoo Na Bi in the currently airing JTBC drama ‘Nevertheless’. While her beauty gives off delicate and elegant vibes, netizens were pleasantly surprised to see the more playful sides of Han So Hee through her personal Instagram posts.

On a recent online community forum, netizens discussed the ‘real personality’ of Han So Hee by posting several hilarious posts made by Han So Hee herself.

In the image, Han So Hee captured a hilarious moment of when she tried to play limbo, and ultimately failed.

In the images below, Han So Hee hilariously sends her fitness trainer a photo of a beer can. People usually send photos of their daily meals to their fitness trainers in order to keep track of their diet, but netizens found it hilarious how confidently Han So Hee sent a photo of a beer can to her fitness trainer.

Han So Hee: “Ah, so yummy.”

(Image of a beer can)

Fitness trainer: ” ? “

Han So Hee: “Huh?? This is?? A refreshing beer??”

 “Teacher, must I eat only half a bowl [of rice]?”                                                     
“I probably can’t eat one whole bowl, right?”

Fitness Trainer: “If you don’t want to reset the exercise you completed, you should probably  eat only half a bowl, right??”

 “If they have chili peppers or onions, you should eat some of them.” 

Han So Hee: “Okay! I’ll see you tomorrow, teacher”

“Then, I’ll eat all the remaining crumbs now”

Here, Han So Hee sent her fitness trainer a photo of spicy ramen, with the happy face ” ^^ “, showing her excitement at her boiling meal. Her fitness trainer, once again, sends her a question mark ” ? “, frowning upon Han So Hee’s unhealthy meal choice.

Here, Han So Hee sends her fitness trainer a funny meme of comedian/MC Yoo Jae Suk, expressing that she is ‘done’ and past her full limit, regarding eating chicken breast.

Han So Hee: “Teacher, I cannot live only eating chicken breast”

“Today, I’m going to eat Mongshell (a Korean packaged snack- cream cake), strawberry flavored”

“I’ll only eat one, then”

Fitness trainer: “I would understand if you ate chicken breast every time, but the only chicken you eat is fried chicken”

“Eat only a little, and please stay far away from alcohol”

Han So Hee: “Your message has failed to send.”

To show a sharp contrast in Han So Hee’s playful personality, the forum user posted several photos of Han So Hee that exuded her elegance.

In response, some of the netizens’ comments included:

“The first photo is really legendary Lollll.”

“Han So Hee, please just take me *cries.”

“So pretty…”

“Wow her personality is so lovely.”

“Omg for reals, if you’re pretty, you can’t also be cute TTTTT. Her personality is so nice, funny, and so cute Lolllll.”

“So frickin’ pretty.”

“Ah crazy, so pretty.”

“The pretty ones are usually the nicest.”

“That was Han So Hee? I liked her anyways, but she suddenly is so likable Lolll So cute and funny.”

“How can you be so cute too, unni TT.”

“Her personality is so humorous Lolll.”

Source: Allkpop