Kim So Yeon Net Worth 2021: You Won’t Believe How the ‘Penthouse 3’ Star Earned Her Millions

Published on 01/07/2021

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Kim So Yeon continues to impress the viewers with her astounding portrayal as the Hera Palace queen bee, Cheon Seo Jin, in the top rating K-drama “Penthouse 3.”

In the SBS Friday series, she plays the doting mother to Ha Eun Byul, played by Choi Ye Bin and Korea’s beloved primadonna singer and the director of Cheong-Ah Arts School.

With her impeccable acting skills, it’s no surprise how the 40-year-old actress won the Best Actress category at the 57th Baeksang Awards.

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Kim So Yeon Before “Penthouse: War in Life”

Prior to the smash-hit thriller drama, Kim So Yeon has several remarkable dramas under her belt–this includes the popular melodrama “All About Eve,” “Two Weeks,” “Happy Home,” and “Secret Mother,” where she bagged 2018 SBS Drama Award for Excellence in Acting – Daily/Weekend Drama.

Interestingly, despite being active in the entertainment industry since 1884, Kim So Yeon started her career at 14 and joined beauty pageants without her parents’ approval. Fortunately, she ended up winning the competition.

At a young age, it appears that the actress showed eagerness and determination to win the crown.

In a previous report cited by The Korea Herald, the “I Need Romance 3” star revealed that she used to apply eyeliner using a marker.

“My mother was very against the whole idea of me becoming an actress, but she knew what I was doing that day. She didn’t even look at me while I was getting ready. I had no makeup products of my own, but I knew I had to apply something to my eyes. So I just grabbed my marker and tried to whip something up with it.”

After winning the pageant, she entered the world of modeling and has been hailed as “the first teen star to earn more than 100 million won by modeling for TV commercials.”

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Kim So Yeon Net Worth 2021

Kim So Yeon

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With over two decades in the industry, it is safe to say that Kim So Yeon’s net worth has gotten massive over the years.

According to, the award-winning actress has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Moreover, apart from her drama appearance, she rakes a hefty amount of money from different campaign ads, including cosmetic brands Cellcure, Oligio, JMW Korea, Celex Milk Ceramide, and more.

She also graced numerous covers of magazines, her latest is with W Korea in collaboration with the brand Joseph & Stacey.

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Unknown Facts about Kim So Yeon

The award-winning actress often portrays the antagonist in her previous dramas but did you know that she’s one of the sweetest and kindest K-drama stars?

She is often lauded by her co-stars and praised for being thoughtful and nice on the set.

One example is her fellow “Penthouse” actor Ha Do Kwon, who plays the opera teacher Ma Doo Gi.

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In a previous interview, he described Kim So Yeon as “a thoughtful and kindhearted person,” adding, “she always helps the staff when they have to move things.”

As we get to know more about the “Secret garden” actress, she once revealed that she looks up to Hollywood A-lister Meryll Streep.

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She previously revealed to The Korea Herald that she was inspired by her works and life and wanted to be in the industry as much as she can.

“I’d like to be remembered, that’s pretty much what this is about,” she said, adding, “I’d like to be the kind of actress whom everyone feels like she’s been with throughout their lives, from their childhood to the late years.”