IU, Davichi and More Are Under Copyright Threat After YouTube Identifies Their Songs as Chinese

Published on May 17, 2021

Multiple Korean artists’ songs are being identified as Chinese by Youtube and are under threat of losing money from the issue.

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IU, Davichi and More Are Under Copyright Threat After Youtube Identifies Their Songs as Chinese

On May 14 KST, media outlets have reported that multiple Korean artists are under copyright threats as some of their songs on YouTube are being misidentified as Chinese songs after Korean netizens have noticed the issue.

Currently, the popular online platform, Youtube, is operating under an automatic copyright management system called, “Content ID.” This is a system that automatically identifies content owned by its copyright owner on Youtube. Through “Content ID,” the system helps copyright owners with access rights automatically find and claim ownership of their original song or original video that was used in the Youtube video. In addition, copyright owners wouldn’t need to submit a copyright takedown notice if their content was used without permission in the video.

However, there has been a growing issue in which Korean songs are being listed with Chinese names as its original producers, such as IU’s “Morning Tears,” Toy’s “Good Man,” Davichi’s “From Me To You,” Lee Seung Chul’s “Blue Swallow” OST, and Brown Eyes’ “Already One Year.”

-(Photo : Wikitree)

IU’s ‘Morning Tears’ listed in Chinese

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Davichi’s ‘From Me To You’ listed in Chinese

With these songs being identified with Chinese names as its producers, the Korean artists who are the original copyright owners of the songs are not able to acquire the proper copyright revenue, which is usually gained through Youtube advertisements, and the revenue is being given to the listed person instead.

Some netizens believe that a Chinese company is using Youtube’s system, “Content ID,” for their own monetary gains.

With the issue coming to light, singer Younha also announced on her social media that she will be taking action after receiving the news that one of her songs, “Waiting,” also had a different name listed as its original owner.

Younha said on her Instagram, “If the person had gone through the proper procedure, I would have approved my song to be used. I’m shocked way beyond imagination on the method they used, but I’m going to be taking measures against it.”

In addition, the “Winter Flower” singer also said that the person “can’t impress” others and will not allow them to “earn thousands of money.”

Netizens are shocked by the copyright issues as well, some have commented that those stealing copyrights are crazy, unbelievable and that the issue needs to be addressed immediately.

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