Im Siwan Draws Attention With Princely Visuals Alongside Lee Byung Hun, Song Kang Ho At ‘Cannes Film Festival’

Published on 17/07/2021

On July 16 CET, director Han Jae Rim and actors Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Lim Siwan of the blockbuster disaster film ‘Emergency Declaration‘ attended the 74th ‘Cannes Film Festival‘, showcasing their production for the first time as an out-of-competition category film.

Ahead of the film’s official showing during the evening, director Han Jae Rim and the three lead actors also greeted press representatives from around the globe during a ‘Photo Call‘ event. Actor Siwan particularly garnered attention for his youthful and “princely” visuals, as even foreign media outlets were seen zooming in for close-up shots of Siwan.

Media outlet reports from the site of the 74th ‘Cannes Film Festival’ stated that after the official showing of Han Jae Rim’s ‘Emergency Declaration’, audiences erupted with applause approximately 4 times during the screening, then also got up for a standing ovation for approximately 10-minutes at the end of the film.

Meanwhile, Siwan is expected to showcase a stunning transformation as an actor in the new film, ‘Emergency Declaration’.

On the other hand, actor Song Kang Ho was invited to serve as a judge for this year’s ‘Cannes Film Festival’, while Lee Byung Hun was chosen as one of the award presenter for the festival’s finale.

Earlier, on July 14, Siwan posted a photo of a meal he ate in Cannes, France on Instagram, but the strange angle he took the photo from is getting laughs online. The idol-actor’s “air shot” got reactions from netizens, who commented, “I’ve never seen anyone take a picture like this before,” “Are you a drone,” and “I’m getting motion sickness.”

Siwan is currently in France to attend the ‘74th Cannes International Film Festival‘ for the film ‘Emergency Declaration‘, which is making its debut press screening at the festival on the 15th.

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