How Each BTS Members Looked Like At 25 Years Old, According To Korean Age

Published on 16/07/2021

As the BTS members grew older, they proved more and more capable of “successful puberty” with their increasingly handsome looks. So are you curious about today’s hottest boys how they look when they were 25-year-old – the most beautiful moment of life? Let’s take a look below!

Yesterday, appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾a’s most popular TV show, BTS talked with famous MC Jimmy Fallon. Here Jimmy opened a photo from BTS debut and complimented them that they look much more handsome now. Even BTS agrees with this, Jimin and V don’t even dare to look back at their debut image.

But the fact that over the years along with the rising popularity, BTS has witnessed a remarkable rise in their beauty. From guys with bold eyeliner to the top God of Beauty of KPop with hot boďïệs and fairy aura. ARMYs recently mentioned a topic about BTS’ image as a 25-year-old and how their looks have captured every ARMY’s heart at that age. 25 years old is the age when an idol blooms in beauty when they are both newly grown boys and have the appearance of a manly man.

1. Jin

As the oldest member, Jin was the first to turn 25 and this was indeed the year the public discovered his amazing beauty.

Jin’s legendary appearance at the age of 25 makes ARMYs flutter with his platinum hair, delicate face and aura that is both charming and sweet.


Not only that, this is also the year Jin was searched the most with the nickname “car door guy” with the appearance of a CEO when attending the year-end awards event. Even many ARMYs think that just a few seconds, but the scene feels like in a drama.

2015 is not only important for BTS’ growth as an artist, but also very important for Jin’s personal growth!

2. Suga

After Jin, Suga turned to be 25 year-old man…

… Instead of becoming older in terms of beauty, Suga’s wh̾i̾t ̾e skin made you feel like he’s only 16 years old. On his face, Suga’s childish and cute features make ARMY’s heart flutter.

However, Suga’s mature personality seems to be the complete opposite of that youthful appearance. Suga of 25 years old is more mature and contains many thoughts of a mature man.

3. j-hope

In 2018, j-hope reached 25 years old – and he also proved that age is just a number!

The beautiful guy has impressed netizens thanks to his appearance – young and rich. j-hope has a stylish fashion style with expensive items and j-hope’s fashion sense is also becoming more prominent day by day.

BTS j-hope

…j-hope also often becomes an idol with the most popular everyday fashion sense when he often transforms his own style of costumes. And you must remember the image of the guy wearing the Gucci outfit that caused a Twitter fever that year?

4. RM

Along with j-hope, RM also became a 25-year-old man in 2018 and RM’s beauty is marked with charisma and coolness. When he first debuted, RM was not appreciated for his beauty but look how much our 25-year-old boy has changed.

From the grandiose appearance of the “Idol” era…

… With suits in various award ceremonies, RM has shown the charming side of his aura.

In 2018, RM impressed fans around the world when he appeared in a formal black suit and gave a meaningful speech at the UN.

5. Jimin

Jimin reached the age of 25 in 2019 with a symbol of “eternal handsomeness”. It seems that time and age have bowed to his beauty.

25 year old Jimin even looked much younger than when he first debuted. His fair complexion and adorable smiling eyes along with his chubby cheeks are befitting of the name Baby Mochi.

Because Jimin shows that he doesn’t age much…

BTS Jimin

… No wonder the male singer tattooed “Young Forever” on his body!

6. V

Just like Jimin, in 2019, V was also 25 years old. But in contrast to Jimin aging backwards, adulthood has made V a manly and attractive man.

… V showed his serious and ṩệẍy side in 2019.

Long curly hair made him more romantic but the eyes of a mature man, sharp and cool made him win the hearts of many ARMYs.

Of course, ARMYs will never forget his iconic blue hair during the “Boy With Luv” era!

7. Jungkook

BTS’s golden maknae became 25 years old this year according to the кσяєαn age system. And of course Jungkook has become a fully grown man, he can try on any style he wants. That’s why this year, we can see a ṩệẍy, hot Jungkook with a muscular body and also can see a lovely, cute Jungkook in a year.

BTS Jungkook

BTS Jungkook

From purple hair to eyebrow piercing, Jungkook’s transformation makes Twitter never stop bustling. Because every time there is a picture of Jungkook, ARMYs feel crazy because of his beauty.

Source: Worldhours24