H1GHR Music Releases Statement Regarding GOT7 Jay B’s Wall of Nude Photos

Published on May 15, 2021

H1GHR Music has released their statement regarding the controversy surrounding GOT7’s Jay B and his wall of nude photos.

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H1GHR Music Releases Statement Regarding GOT7 Jay B’s Wall of Nude Photos

On May 13 KST, GOT7’s Jay B spent time on his Instagram to hang out with fans and have a casual chat with them. He turned on his live broadcast after a while and proceeded to spend time with fans while laying comfortably on his bed.

During the live broadcast, Jay B talked about his new single, “Switch It Up,” his feelings, as well as thank his fans for their support and asked for their understanding when it comes to his shortcomings as he is still adjusting during this period.

After a while of just chatting with fans, his camera angle moved, showcasing more of his background and revealing some parts of his room. Jay B moved the camera angle to show his wall, which was filled with photos. However, as soon as the wall can be seen, fans were surprised and took to social media to ask about Jay B’s wall that was filled with photos of nude people.

On May 14 KST, Jay B’s label, H1GHR Music, released a statement regarding the controversy. The label apologizes for causing concern to fans and explained that Jay B holds personal photo exhibitions as he likes to take pictures that are no less than professional photographers. In addition to music, Jay B is interested in art and photography and has shown his talent in various art fields.

According to H1GHR Music and Jay B, the singer was inspired by various tones and moods for his photographs, and that the photos seen on his wall during the live broadcast were the works of fashion photographers who have worked with famous domestic artists.

“Nevertheless, the artist himself and H1GHR Music to fans and the public for carelessly exposing some photos in a live broadcast involving various age groups,” said the label. In addition, they promise to be more meticulous in the future in return for the support of fans.

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Jay B Drops Solo Single “Switch It Up”

Just a few days after Jay B signs with H1GHR Music, Jay B drops his first solo single on May 14 at 6 p.m. KST!

Marking his first release as an artist under H1GHR Music, Jay B releases the track, “Switch It Up,” produced by Cha Cha Malone and features Korean rapper, sokodomo. “Switch It Up” has R&B melodies that are accompanied by heavy rap.

Besides the song marking his first release under the new label, it also marks the first song he released after departing from JYP Entertainment with his fellow GOT7 members. On joining the label, Jay B said that he is excited and will continue working hard in this new chapter of his music career.

Listen to Jay B’s “Switch It Up” here: