From Having No Leader To Having 2 Co-Leaders, YG Groups Sure Have Unique Leadership

Published on May 10, 2021

Most K-Pop groups have just one leader, and usually the leader is the eldest among the members. Thought to be the most reliable because of their life experience, they are the go-to members that entertainment companies pick to lead the group.

YG Entertainment is one of the biggest companies who do not follow this norm, however. From BIGBANG to TREASURE, each group has their own story. Let’s have a look.

1. The eldest is NOT the leader


BIGBANG‘s eldest member is T.O.P who was born in 1987, but G-DRAGON, born in 1988, is the leader. With his responsible nature and relaxed demeanor, he helped BIGBANG become icons in the industry.


Next up, 2NE1‘s eldest member was Park Bom who was born on March 24, 1984.

Their chosen leader, however, was none other than CL, a 1991-liner and the second youngest in the group. With her charisma and confidence, it was a natural choice for her to lead 2NE1 into global stardom.


Before leaving the group in 2019, B.I was iKON‘s leader. He may have been younger than Jinhwan by two years, but he carried a natural confidence that was unmistakable.

2. No leader


Fans were initially surprised when BLACKPINK was announced to have no leader when they were about to debut. The dynamic works for them, despite this fact, as everyone carries equal responsibility in the group.

The girls have been with each other for so long that having a leader felt unnatural to them.

“We spent many years together training and we are like friends, so we decided that it’ll be better for us to go without a leader,” Jisoo said.


AKMU has no official leader, and it’s easy to see why! As the only sibling duo in the company, they already have a relationship that transcends music and work.

Chanhyuk and Suhyun don’t need official titles between the two of them as the former is already the “oppa.”

3. Two co-leaders


TREASURE is one of a handful of groups in K-Pop who have two leaders. Choi Hyunsuk and Park Jihoon are the eldest, born in 1999 and 2000 respectively.

Considering how chaotic it can be to lead 12 members, it makes sense why YG Entertainment’s rookie group has two leaders. With their friendly natures, they get along well with each other and every single member.

4. Maknae leader


Last but certainly not the least, WINNER has one of the rarest leaders in the industry—a maknae leader, the youngest among four members.

He was originally neither the youngest nor the leader, but fate had other plans when Yang Hyun Suk transferred the leadership position from MINO to YOON after the former was injured in WHO IS NEXT: WIN.

Nam Taehyun, who was younger by a few months, left the group in November 2016, making YOON the maknae and the leader of WINNER.