Former BigHit Trainee Shares How She Was Surprised By Jin’s Act When They Met At Subway Station

Published on 16/07/2021

Having the opportunity to meet one of today’s top Kpop superstars like BTS is a very lucky thing for fans or young idols and even those who have known them in the past. And it’s even more special when talking with these famous idols. Thanks to this meetings, ARMYs and fans also witnessed the good personality of BTS. Here is a heartwarming moment that a former Big Hit trainee who α¢¢ι∂єитally met Jin told:

BTS has always been known for their golden personality when it comes to treating anyone from when they were a small company group to their rise to the top of the K-pop world. Their kindness, politeness, and sincerity remain intact and grow with their popularity.

Recently, on social media, a story about Jin’s kindness to a former Bigнιт trainee has not been seen for a long time. Specifically, a former female trainee of Bigнιт α¢¢ι∂єитally talked on a livestream that she met Seokjin at the subway station. She said that because BTS is really popular now, they are already famous K-pop idols all over the world, so even if she wanted to say hello to Jin, she wouldn’t have the courage. She’s afraid that because he’s so popular, when she greets Jin, his reaction will be a bit nonchalant like, “What?“.

So, she thought it would be best to just pαѕѕ by. But to my surprise, Jin called out her name: “Seunghyun-ah!” before and smiled warmly. She was just surprised because he didn’t expect him to remember her name even though they hadn’t seen each other for a long time and he had become so popular.

After that, she also explained to Jin, “Yes, because I thought you were so popular now, I didn’t mean to say hello~“. But Seokjin still humbly replied: “Oh my god, it’s not like that! How have you been?” Finally, the former female trainee thanked Jin for being so famous, he still took the initiative to greet her first.

Although they don’t have a close relationship and haven’t seen each other for a while, Jin is still very polite and asks about old acquaintances. Moreover, in the position of such a top star, although the opposite person did not say hello first, Jin was still considerate and asked her first.

This is not the first time that Jin has impressed others with his kindness and warmth. At the 2018 KBS Song Festival, Jin was once thanked by senior Jobin for helping him integrate into the atmosphere of the stage. Jobin stood alone in the back, Jin recognized him and went down to find the male singer and led him to the front of the stage. Jin even encouraged him to dance with him and held him back for fear that he would go to the bottom again.

Another time when BTS and senior Hwang Chi Yeol participated in an award together, when seeing artist Hwang Chi Yeol alone in the crowd, Jin approached and spoke to him first in a very simple way. natural to make everyone feel comfortable.

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Fans then also left comments:

– His face looks kind, and in fact his personality is also kind;;

– “Jin is really nice!!! His face is so pretty, and his personality is as pretty as his face!”

– “Kyung Kyu Ong is famous for being a scary person, but Jin got close to him very quickly. You can see how good Jin’s personality is ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

– If I were that girl, I would’ve fainted on the spot because not everyone can be named by handsome boys in the world

– Jin hyung is really a warm and friendly person who cares about others

– Jin hyung is the type to cherish every relationship around him, super polite and cute

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Perhaps one reason why Jin always radiates his concern towards others is because he doesn’t want to make it awkward for those around him to talk to him because of his popularity now. On an episode of Break The Silence, Jin revealed that his friends find it difficult to be around him due to the group’s current popularity: “There is a lot of pressure to meet people. I haven’t changed, but my friends find it difficult to be around me. It was quite a shame to see them grow apart from me. If you gain some, you lose some.”

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Jin always hopes that no matter how popular he is, Kim Seokjin is still Kim Seokjin and he still cherishes everyone that comes into his life.