Forbes Korea Has Just Announced The Winner Of Top 10 K-Pop Idols That Best Match “Forbes Look”

Published on 16/07/2021

Yesterday, the famous economic magazine “Forbes kσrєα” announced the winner of the poll to choose the representative of this prestigious magazine. And the 1st place holder in the poll is the most popular Kpop megastar right now that ARMYs will be extremely excited about.

From the 7th to the 13th, Forbes kσrєα conducted a ‘Which celebrity best matches Forbes ḳöŕệä?’ poll to find the model who is the best match Forbes kσrєα with Idol Champ. Forbes is famous for ranking and publishing typical icons in many fields such as ‘The World’s Most Valuable Brands’ and ‘The World’s Most Powerful People’. In this poll, with the title of “Forbes Look”, members of famous K-pop idol groups, outstanding looks and outstanding talents were nominated.

To be able to vote, fans must subscribe to Forbes kσrєα’s official YouTube channel, watch videos from their channel, and comment on their favorite idols on videos. Fans will then enter their Idol Champ ID information into the Google Form for them to be eligible to vote. Fans are encouraged to vote for the idol they believe has “Forbes Look” – someone whose popularity, good looks, and notable personalities.

The benefits for the winner are a PR article in the famous economic magazine and an interview article with Forbes Magazine. Therefore, fans are looking forward to who will become “Forbes Look” this year.

Here are the Top 10 K-Pop Idols That Best Match Forbes Magazine:

10. LOONA’s Heejin

The member who takes on the role of “visual” of LOONA – Heejin has a beauty like a fairy and is praised by many fans as the female idol with the most beautiful nose in Kpop today. She is known for her large eyes, heart-shaped lips, and sharp lines.

Back when LOONA first debuted, Heejin became famous among netizens on online communities as one of the visuals of the next generation with fancams showing excellent charisma on stage. As a young idol of the 2000 generation, Heejin promises more talent and fame in the future.

09. TXT’s Yeonjun

Since being introduced in TXT’s lineup, the guy born in 1999 has immediately caused a fever because of his eye-catching appearance. With perfect, masculine features on his face, Yeonjun is also known for his skíllful singing, rapping, and dancing skílls. Notably, Yeonjun has always been at the top of all Big Hit Entertainment’s skíll tests.

Not only that, Yeonjun is also very good at speaking English. On February 16, Yeonjun also became a model striding the catwalk for ULKIN LSD’s Autumn-Winter collection within the framework of New York Fashion Week.

08. Stray Kids’ Seungmin

The Stray Kids member is one of the typical young faces of the new generation of Kpop Idols. Seungmin impresses with his singing ability and his warm, inspiring and delicate voice. He can also speak English very well.

Stray Kids Seungmin is known for his hard work, discipline, and ability to control his charisma on stage well. Together with Stray Kids, Seungmin is gradually re-affirming his name after winning the show Kingdom 2021 Kingdom

07. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

During the debut period in 2015, Jeong Han often wore long, romantic hair. After changing his short hairstyle and hair colors, Jeonghan became more and more handsome and attractive in a very unique way, making the online community constantly talk about his beauty.

Jeong Han also brings beauty with features that are suitable for ḳöŕệän aesthetics such as big double eyelids, high and small nose, whíte skin, V-shaped chin… Short hair, dyed in bright colors helps to enhance his look like the cartoon character. Seventeen’s current position and Jeonghan’s name make him one of the brightest candidates for Forbes Look.

06. 2PM’s Junho

One of the legends of 2nd generation Kpop idols – 2PM Junho. The idol with a handsome face and a height of about 1m8 is one of Forbes Look’s choices. Junho is also the member in charge of the main choreography position of the group with excellent dancing ability and good charisma.

Besides, Junho is also the member with the best vocal technique in the group. Junho’s warm voice is suitable for ballad songs. Junho is also very talented when he can compose and play instruments.

05. NCT Dream’s Haechan

Heechan is always praised by residents as one of the male idols representing the new generation of Kpop’s beauty. He owns a face with masculine, angular lines, attractive smiling eyes. This guy has made fans “shσcked” many times when he witnessed the real beauty in real life.

Heechan’s beauty is a combination of a charming mature man and a warm young man. Heechan has captured the hearts of many girls with this image.

04. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo deserves to be the next-generation “Beauty Iconicl” of K-Pop nowadays. It is not a coincidence that netizens consider Jisoo as “A Beautiful Idol like Miss ḳöŕệä” and those who have met Jisoo outside all complimented her delicate and harmonious face.

Recently, Jisoo also topped the ‘K-Pop Beauty Queen’ poll on King Choice, further proving how beautiful BLACKPINK’s eldest sister is. Jisoo is also the princess of one of the most luxurious fashion and cosmetics brands on the planet – Dior. Besides her outstanding beauty, Jisoo is also recognized for her singing and dancing skílls.

03. SF9’s Rowoon

Debuting as a member of SF9, Rowoon began his acting career in 2017 with the drama School 2017. He then landed his first main character in Extra Adventure You in 2019. This drama helped the 24-year-old male win the Best New Actor award at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards!

Those are the outstanding achievements of “Kpop’s tallest male god” Rowoon owns a height of up to 1m90. Thanks to his great height and beautiful face, and possessing a standard face of an actor, Rowoon is one of the faces that are frequently mentioned in the beauty charts. So his 3rd place in the rankings is understandable.

02. EXO’s Sehun

EXO’s maknae ranked 2nd overall with 25.02% of the votes. With a handsome beauty that everyone is fascinated by, Sehun is one of the brightest faces for Forbes Look. Sehun is loved for his delicate facial features, from his high nose, sharp eyebrows to milky whíte skin.

Not only that, with his relentless efforts and hard work in group and individual activities, Sehun has increasingly affirmed his reputation in the world. Sehun is also a representative of many prestigious fashion houses in the world and often appears on magazine covers.

01. BTS’s V

The last person to win the poll and become this year’s Forbes Look is Kpop superstar BTS V. V had a confrontation with nine other famous idols but he was the one who won the first place in the end with more than half of the votes – 46.39% of the total votes.

The “Permission to Dance” singer is not only a celebrity that fits the image of Forbes but he is also an artist who has broken many records and is famous all over the world. His fairy beauty and V’s chic aura are so suitable for magazines that many fans believe that his face guarantees sales of any newspaper.

Take a look at V’s achievements as he came in third place in I-MAGAZINE’s “Fashion Face Awards 2020”. Fashion photographer Joďïệ Foster praised v for his sweet charm. On the other hand, director and screenwriter John H. Lee praised V’s beautiful facial features. Recently he was also a model for Louis Vuitton fashion house – one of the most luxurious fashion brand on the planet.

After learning that V ranked number one in the poll, ARMY quickly trended “TOP MODEL V” on social networking sites. Other hashtags they tend to celebrate V’s win with include “ForbesWinterTaehyun,” “ForbesḳöŕệäModel,” and “ForbesWinnerTaehyung.”

Hashtags tend to be in many countries worldwide, such as in the United States, cαnαdα, Australia, and the Philippines.

Indeed, with the reputation of BTS and V’s own beauty and talent, no one can be more suitable than V with the title of “Forbes Look”. Let’s wait for his genius face to appear on the cover of this famous economic newspaper!

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