Chung Kyung Ho Shares “Funnny Story” About His Neighbors Reporting Him to the Police

Published on 22/07/2021

Actor Chung Kyung Ho talked about the time when his neighbors reported him to the police.

On July 20, Netflix Korea shared an interview of Chung Kyung Ho on YouTube.

During this interview, Chung Kyung Ho shared an interesting story about himself.

Chung Kyung Ho said, “I love going to a sauna. I like to drain my sweat there. Strangely enough, that makes my day. That good feeling helps me to work hard.” 

He continued, “When I can’t go to a sauna, I would take a walk around the neighborhood with a lot of thick clothes on. I would usually take my dog with me on a dog stroller.”  He went on, “If I do that in the summer, I sweat like I’m at a sauna. It’s so effective, and I did that quite a few times.” 

Then, Chung Kyung Ho said police officers knocked on his door one day.  The actor said, “When I asked what was going on, they told me that some neighbors saw a crazy person entering my house, and they reported to the police.” 

He laughingly resumed, “They showed me photos of a guy wearing thick clothes, and I was like, ‘That’s me!’ I was like, ‘What is going on?!'”  He added, “But after that day, my neighbors say hi to me even when I’m dressed like that.” 

Jung Kyung Ho is attracting attention with the role of Jun Wan in the drama “Hospital Playlist part 2”

Jung kyung Ho
Source: SBS Star