BTS’s Jimin Headlines As Front-Page News Touching The Hearts Of Fans

Published on 21/07/2021

BTS‘s Jimin is making national news headlines and touching the hearts of fans everywhere!


Yesterday, BTS’s new single “Permission to Dance” debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, dethroning “Butter.” For seven consecutive weeks, “Butter” topped the chart before dropping down to No.7.

To thank ARMY, BTS jumped on the Weverse app to write messages filled with amazement and gratitude. After posting these messages, Jimin decided that words weren’t enough to convey his feelings.


| Weverse

Wait, no way?! Is this supposed to make sense?

— Jimin

What could I possibly say to show you how I feel right now?

— Jimin

Jimin formally bowed to show the highest level of respect for the fans who made BTS’s dreams come true.


| Weverse

Thank you so much once again for your endless love and support. And I’ll continue to work hard. Please stay happy. We want you to be happy.

— Jimin

After posting his photo, Jimin quickly went viral as fans expressed their love and gratitude for him in return.

only asians will understand how much respect that bow holds with head & hands touching the ground.. the biggest way of showing your respect & we only do that to god & very elderly people

an artist doing that to their fans.. we don’t deserve this. we don’t deserve jimin

— sona⁷ (@OT7LOOK) July 19, 2021

I have never seen someone as humble as jimin in my entirety of life. he went out all the way to doing a FULL BOW, getting down on his knees & pressing his head to the floor in the middle of working out at 3am just to say he’s thankful for us. If i was jimin, I’d ask for a throne

— ً (@pjmvelvets) July 19, 2021

Fans weren’t the only ones touched by Jimin’s humbleness and sincerity. In Korea, Jimin became front-page news, alongside news of BTS’s latest Billboard chart achievement.

| @armimonie/Twitter

Headline: BTS’s new song heads straight to number one on Billboard’s Hot 100… Jimin bows deeply

— Herald Corp

Like ARMYs have said, we don’t deserve this angel!