BTS RM Shares His ‘Worst Day’ of 2021 — Here’s What Happened

Published on 12/11/2021

BTS RM recently took to the Weverse app to reveal an incident that made this day the “worst day” of 2021 for him.

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BTS RM Have Had the “Worst Day” of 2021 for Him after Accidentally Deleting a Year’s Worth of Hard Work

At approximately midnight KST on Nov. 12, BTS member RM left a post on the Weverse app to express his heavy feelings after an unexpected incident took place.


(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Through the post, Namjoon (RM’s real name) revealed that he accidentally erased important files after a technical error, particularly using a cleaning program wrongly.

BTS RM Worst Day

(Photo : SBS)

BTS RM said, “I cleaned [my computer] in the wrong today.. so, I’ve lost the audio files I worked on for more than a year.. it’s a mental shock.. but I’ll still gather up strength.. I was close to being done.. sure.. the worst outta this year, posting this because I’m sad.”

Shortly after Namjoon made the Weverse post, many fans cheered on the “Butter” singer on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

Some fans even lent a helping hand to the BTS member to retrieve the files. On Twitter, many fans posted different methods to restore data on the computer while the others retweeted them, hoping that the idol would see it.

BTS RM later responded to the fans through a separate Weverse post. He clarified, “Oh I thought you guys would worry. It’s just one song. The other tracks are safely kept by others but this had more than 60 songs that I recorded so I don’t have the courage to re-do everything… Still, I’ll let you guys hear it one day.”

BTS RM Worst Day(Photo : SBS)

Namjoon ended his post by reminding fans to be careful when using a cleaning program on a computer.

Have you experienced deleting important files unintentionally as well?

BTS RM Ties with PSY as the Second Artist with the Most KOMCA Credits

On another note, it was revealed that BTS member RM has reached the same amount of KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) credits with PSY.

BTS RM(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Both of them have a total of 180 credits for songs so far, taking second place on the list of artists with the most KOMCA credits. Notably, Namjoon is the youngest in the Top 3.

BTS RM is known to be one of the main songwriters for BTS. He took part in some of the most popular songs that the boy group released.

A total of 18 songs wherein RM is credited for participating have all entered the Billboard Hot 100, three of them debuted at No. 1 (“Life Goes On,” “Butter” and “My Universe”).

BTS RM(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Namjoon, together with his bandmates J-Hope and Suga, is the only Korean songwriter and composer in history to have three songs ranking first place on the said Billboard chart.

RM is credited for “Butter,” “Life Goes On,” and “My Universe,” while Suga and J-Hope have credits in “My Universe,” “Life Goes On,” and “Savage Love” (Remix with Jason Derulo).

BTS RM even landed at No. 3 on the Billboard Songwriters Chart, alongside Suga at No. 9. RM holds the record for the highest debut on this chart.

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