BLACKPINK Lisa, Sandara, & More: Korean News Outlet Selects Female K-pop Idols Who Maintain Slim Body without Making Too Much Effort

Published on May 20, 2021

Many female K-pop idols continue to manage their diet and exercise to appear a little more beautiful and slender. Meanwhile, some celebrities always maintain a slim body without putting in too much effort.

On May 20, Korean media outlet OSEN chose four female K-pop stars who don’t gain weight no matter how much they eat. This fact is enviable for people who fatten up just by drinking water.

Keep on reading to know which female K-pop idols manage to have a slim body in an effortlessly way.

BLACKPINK Lisa, Sandara Park, Sunmi(Photo : Official Instagram Accounts)

These are the four female K-pop idols who maintain slim body without putting in too much effort.


The “Thai Princess” is recognized for her thin body ever since she made her debut in 2016.

According to the Korean news outlet, BLACKPINK Lisa stands at 166.5cm or 5 feet and four inches and weighs 44.7kg.

BLACKPINK Lisa(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Instagram)

Lisa has that ideal body that stands out more with an ant waist. In the past, BLACKPINK appeared in a program where members Jisoo, Rose, and Jennie confessed that they all went on a diet because of Lisa, who doesn’t gain weight.

BLACKPINK Lisa herself revealed in a certain episode of “Youth With You 2” – a Chinese survival show where the female idol acts as a mentor and a judge – that she doesn’t go on a diet, instead she does Pilates.

She also revealed that she has long practice hours each day, helping her burn the calories she takes in.

Sandara Park

The former 2NE1 member is another female K-pop idol who is known for her slender body since her rookie days. OSEN stated that Dara stands at 162cm or five feet and three inches, and weighs 40kg.

While she has that ideal body shape for a celebrity, Sandara Park revealed that she has never been on a diet even once in her life.

Sandara Park(Photo : Sandara Park Instagram)

The “Fire” singer even confessed on a program back in 2018 that she gets stressed out for being too slim and even tried eating junk food, but she couldn’t eat in large portions.

Sandara Park’s younger brother, singer Thunder, appeared on a show and testified that even if the former 2NE1 member eats five meals a day, she still doesn’t gain weight.


Sunmi, who stands at 166cm or five feet and four inches, is also a K-pop star who has maintained her skinny body from the beginning of her debut. Although her weight increased to 50kg over the years, she confessed that she doesn’t gain more weight.

Sunmi(Photo : Sunmi Instagram)

The “Gashina” singer said that her skinny body runs in the blood. Sunmi shared that even her two younger brothers are trying to gain weight, but it is not easy for them.

Girls’ Generation Yoona

Yoona, an actress and member of the girl group Girls’ Generation, has always had a slim body from the start of her debut to the present. Her small face, thin arms, and long legs are also some of her notable features.

Like Lisa, Sandara, and Sunmi, Yoona also boasts her natural body shape as she doesn’t gain weight even after years have already passed.

Girls' Generation Yoona(Photo : Girls’ Generation Yoona Instagram)

It is said that even if Yoona has a good appetite, her petite physique is gaining attention among the Girls’ Generation members. She stands at 168cm or five feet and five inches and weighs 48kg.