BLACKPINK Always Wear Magnificent Outfits But These 4 Are The Legends

Published on May 12, 2021

BLACKPINK is a group filled with style icons. No matter where they go or what event they’re participating in, they’re always dressed to impress. They’re arguably at the peak of their style game during their promotions. Out of their many stage outfits throughout the years, there are a few that withstand the test of time..

Check them out below!

1. Kill This Love

First up, “Kill This Love” is a strong song that emphasizes BLACKPINK’s girl crush image.

INSPO] BLACKPINK's Outfits for 'Kill This Love' - Imgur

Their stylist mixed and matched clothing pieces from several different brands. From Jennie’s Me Dic Al “Mecha Crop Top Mixed” to Jisoo’s Heliot Emil “Half Crop Shirt,” they were tough and stunning.

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Their impact was real!

2. Coachella

When you think of the word “trendy,” BLACKPINK’s Coachella outfits first come to mind.

TEAM BLΛƆKPIИK on Twitter: "BLACKPINK has broken & set numerous records in just 3 years. They truely are a force… | Blackpink coachella, Coachella, Coachella outfit

From Rosé…

rosé pics auf Twitter: "coachella era rosé... period… "

…to Jisoo…

블핑 지수, 무대의상 고화질로 감상하기 (스압) - 스퀘어 카테고리 | 무대 의상, 블랙 핑크, 패션 스타일

…to Jennie…

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…and to Lisa, they were all drop dead gorgeous.

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No one could look away from them!

3. As If It’s Your Last

We can’t talk about legendary outfits without mentioning “As If It’s Your Last.” It was the era which emphasized BLACKPINK’s youthfulness the most.

10 Female Idols Who Look Flawless In Schoolgirl Uniforms | KissAsian


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They put their own fashionable twists on the uniforms with different ties, cuts, and colors.

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School uniforms fit them perfectly!

Ghim của Huỳnh Th trên BP | Hình ảnh

4. How You Like That

Finally, the most recent legendary outfit of BLACKPINK’s is definitely their hanboks from “How You Like That.” They made waves with their stylish and modern take on the traditional Korean clothing.

22 ideas de How you like that | lisa blackpink fondo de pantalla, rosas negras, blackpink

The members revealed that it was their idea to show hints of their culture to the world.

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“We usually decide on things through a meeting. All of us brought over similar ideas, proposals. We want to show Korean culture in the music video.” – Jisoo

They’re trendsetters for sure!

200705 BLACKPINK Jennie Instagram Update | Kpopping

When it comes to outfits, BLACKPINK looks good in everything!