Billboard Picked BTS As An Early Front-Runner For The 2022 Grammy Awards And Here’s Why

Published on 17/07/2021

The fact that a ḳöŕệän idol group like BTS was nominated for a Grammy Award is a historic milestone in the Kpop music industry. Although they missed out on the Grammy last year, being nominated for the most prestigious award in the US is a huge honor. This year Billboard believes that BTS will be the top candidate for one of the “Big Four” awards at the Grammy 2022. Are you curious as to why they believe BTS will be nominated and will have big opportunity to win?

On July 16, Billboard released a list of artists they believe will receive the nomination (and possibly win!) of one of the ‘Big Four’ at the 2022 Grammy Awards. With the participation of big names in the industry such as Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo, BTS is predicted to be a front-runner candidate.

While casual listeners and music critics alike were surprised that “Dynamite” wasn’t nominated for the “Big Four” despite its standout achievements on a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾an land last year, a change in nominations review committees implemented by the Recording Academy in April could increase their chances in 2022. The Recording Academy of a̾m̾e̾r̾i̾c̾a said the nominations for the 2022 Grammys will be chosen from votes from more than 11,000 members instead of by committees of 15-30 industry experts as before.

Music journalist Paul Grein highlights the fact that the Academy’s disbanding of its nomination committees means that “for the first time in 27 years, voting members will have the final say on the nominations in the Big Four categories”. This will help the nominations of prestigious awards have more fairness and enlightenment, avoiding cases like super híts of The Weeknd or Hasley not being nominated for unknown reasons.

BTS was actually offered voting membership positions back in 2019, with Bang Si Hyuk receiving an invitation to join the Academy as a professional member. While there are still thousands of other artists and industry experts who also act as voting members, the mysterious elites known to have a major influence on the nominations will not be a road block anymore.

Keeping that in mind, Grein αsserts that “Butter” could compete for “Record of the Year” around this time, as it’s a hít that has more achievements even than “Dynamite’s”. Taking a look at some amazing achievements of summer hymns from Kpop megastars, the possibility of being nominated by the Big Four and being a bright candidate is natural. At the time of release at noon on May 21, the Butter MV recorded 3.9 million viewers at the time of premiering, officially held the Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records) and recognized as the video with the most concurrent viewers on YouTube.

After only one day of release, MV Butter received about 108.2 million views. This impressive number helps BTS’s new music product win two more Guinness records: The most viewed music video on YouTube in 24 hours and the most viewed K-pop group music video on YouTube for 24 hours.

Butter also demonstrated a “huge” appeal on online music platforms, when it became the most streamed song on Spotify in the first 24 hours, with more than 11 million streams.

As of April 27 of this year, BTS’ music store has been streamed 16.3 billion times on Spotify, making the 7 boys be the most listened group on this online music platform.

As of this week, BTS’ “Butter” remains at the top 1 of Billboard Hot 100, extending its chart-topping streak for the seventh consecutive week. It seems that BTS’s Butter is harder to melt than any song in this moment.

So what do ARMYs think about BTS’s chances at the 2022 Grammy Awards?

Source: Worldhours24