ARMYs List Out The Reasons Why V Is Not Dating

Published on 15/10/2021

Recently, a dating rumor surrounding V surfaced. Soon after, there were various articles popping up about the rumor.

As reported earlier, BTS’s V was publicly spotted by numerous people after attending the VVIP preview event for the ‘кσяєα International Art Fair (KIAF) 2021’ opening. It was then revealed that V was accompanied on this day by the ‘Paradise Group’ family, including the chairman of the board, Choi Yoon Jung, and the ‘Paradise Group’ president’s wife and their daughter. This is the reason why some netizens went on to raise speculation that V was dating the ‘Paradise Group’ president’s daughter.

V’s agency HYBE Labels released a statement denying the speculations and dating rumors. The idol also personally responded through Weverse, expressing his anger and frustration. V referred to BTS’s diss-track “UGH” to explain how he felt about the rumors and articles that were being spread online.

BTS fans also banded together to bring their arguments to the table as to why V cannot be dating the ‘Paradise Group’ president’s daughter. Fans took to social media to share evidence and their reasonings why V isn’t dating.

An ARMY explained that V was already seen at the ‘кσяєα International Art Fair (KIAF)’ back in 2019. The ARMY explained, “Taehyung already attended the KIAF in 2019. That place is an open space and a lot of people attend that event (there were photos of him posted in 2019 and showed the artworks he purchased.) Does it make sense that he would bring his girlfriend to such a place where a lot of people gather?”

The ARMY also explained that BTS had performed at the ‘Paradise Hotel’ a few times and had a prior relationship with the ‘Paradise Group’ family. In addition, the family is also acquaintances with other celebrities and maintains friendships with them.

The fan continued to explain that the bracelets designed by the daughter of ‘Paradise Group’ are also worn by other celebrities as well. The fan explained, “The bracelet is from Peakpick and the brand is worn a lot by celebrities. And an acquaintance of ‘Paradise Group’ will buy one or two things from the brand or are gifted a few items.”

The fan also included photos from the ‘кσяєα International Art Fair (KIAF) 2021’ opening event showing that there were crowds of people at the event. In addition, the fan explained that V was seen walking around the exhibit alone. The fan went on to warn anti-fans not to spread false information and that there were reporters at the event. Therefore, V would not boldly attend the event with his girlfriend, knowing reporters and photographers would be there.

ARMYs Worried About V After He Shared His Feelings On Weverse, Related To False Dating Rumors

A few minutes ago, V made Weverse riot when posting a late night simple status. It seems that V is expressing his status after encountering false rumors a few hours ago with the daughter of the President of Paradise Group. ARMYs are feeling pretty worried about V at the moment.

This afternoon, on social networks, rumors arose that V was dating the daughter of the President of Paradise Group after attending the KIAF 2021 VVIP exhibition on October 13. Specifically, some people attended at the exhibition discovered the presence of V along with his wife and daughter of Paradise Group. This family currently owns Paradise City Hotel, a famous luxury resort in ḳöŕệä, and a number of other businesses. They also raised dating rumors regarding the bracelet that V usually wears, which is a product launched by the chairman’s daughter.

Immediately after the rumors broke, HYBE quickly denied the claims that he was dating with the Paradise President’s daughter and that he was simply acquainted with the tycoon family. Before these rumors, many ARMYs also expressed their displeasure that V’s private appearance was distorted and affected the private life of V as well as some others.

It seemed like the story had stopped after HYBE’s announcement, but a few minutes ago V updated Weverse with the simple caption, “How pathetic. I want to sing ‘UGH!’”. This makes ARMYs quite surprised and worried that V is feeling stressed by false rumors about him after participating in the exhibition.

As we all know, “UGH!” is one of BTS’ songs about the behavior of netizens and those who specialize in creating rumors. The lyrics clearly criticize the netizens’ culture of overdoing things and the lies and truth become confused. That’s exactly the case with V when everything is as simple as participating in an acquaintance’s exhibition. Although both V and the daughter of the President of Paradise Group do not have any intimate interactions, they are still attached to unnecessary rumors and controversies.

V also posted a status line: “in my dream tonight.. i’m going to aim poison darts at the back of their necks. watch out for your necks *pft pft* (sound of flying darts)”. It seems that V feels quite uncomfortable with these rumors.

This is not the first time, but it has been a long time since ARMYs have seen V react immediately to such unpleasant rumors. ARMYs hope that V’s situation is not too bad because there is always ARMY’s trust and support:

– RESPECT BTS PRIVACY they just want to live like a normal people once in a while doing things like strolling on some places.

– Yeah probably.. the articles about it were trending on naver and there were so many photos leaked so..

He’s rightfully mad

– GOT ARMY RIGHT BEHIND YOU KING!!!!(UGH!)” is trending at #1 on Melon Realtime Search.

– Joke aside, I really hope he is okay tho 🙁

– I guess we need to take out the media

– I hope he feels better soon. If and when Army figures out who made him so upset, things won’t be so pretty.

– There is stupid rumor goin around of him dating he’s probably mad about that so yeahh

– I hope he’s fine

– I just pray he’s okay. That He’ll be okay. I hope pathetic things don’t reach him ever again

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