Ahn Bo Hyun Receives Backlashes As Netizens Found Out He Subscribed To Controversial YouTubers

Published on 20/07/2021

Recently, actor Ahn Bo Hyun is under fire as the list of YouTube channels he was subscribed to was revealed.

On July 19, an online community post was created that includes a captured photo of the YouTube channels that the actor was subscribed to. It was the list of YouTube channels that Ahn Bo Hyun’s official channel ‘Brabohyun’ was subscribed to. There is an option to hide this list, but it seemed that the actor was unaware of this feature. Therefore, the list of channels he is subscribed to was released.

Ahn Bo Hyun was subscribed to various celebrity channels such as Shin Se KyungPark Seo JunBaek Jong Won, and more. There were also famous YouTubers seen on this list, but many of his fans and netizens were disappointed to see some of the YouTubers on the list.

YouTuber PPKKa previously criticized a feminist professor and used her lecture to say that “all feminists are delusional,” and also he stated that the victims of the Sewol Ferry incident were “those of distinguished service to impeachment.” In addition, he made a ludicrous statement saying that “the Sewol Ferry commemoration was just a business to sell yellow ribbons.”

Another YouTuber that he was subscribed to is Kim Yong Ho, who has been often criticized for starting rumors about celebrities in the Entertainment industry. Kim Yong Ho has often been criticized for stating things that were not proven to be true.

After seeing his subscription list, netizens commented, “Why are you subscribed to Kim Yong Ho,” “You’re a celebrity too,” “I used to think he was good but after seeing the people he’s subscribed to, I don’t like him,” “I can’t believe he’s subscribed to PPKKa and Kim Yong Ho,” “Wow, that just ruined his good image,” “I’m so disappointed in this guy,” and “He had a pleasing image but now I don’t like him.”

Following the incident, actor Ahn Bo Hyun apologized for the recent controversy as he was revealed to be subscribed to some controversial YouTubers.

On July 20 KST, the Korean actor posted the apology on his official YouTube channel. On this day, he wrote, “First, I would like to apologize for the recent discomfort I gave to many people due to the news about my YouTube channel.”

He continued to write, “When I first opened my channel ‘Brabohyun’ in 2019, I was managing all aspects of the channel but then in the second half of 2020, a page manager has been in charge of editing the videos and uploading them.”

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun elaborated, “I heard that the manager made a mistake and am writing this after checking the facts.” He added, “It’s completely my fault that I was not able to pay detailed attention and manage the channel ‘Brabohyun’ that I started. I apologize for causing discomfort to those who have watched over me and supported me.”