5 Ways to Experience a Powerful Prayer Life

Published on 28/07/2021

Be honest with God, always.

He already knows your heart, your mind and your desires, so be 100% honest with Him.  You don’t have to guard your words and only tell Him what you think He wants to hear.

He can shoulder our burdens, our cries and our anger.  To know Him and experience Him more, let your guard down and be vulnerable. (Psalm 143:1)

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Thank Him for everything!  On some days, when the sun is shining, the kids are behaving and all is right with the world, that’s easy to do.

But in the muck and mire of life, in the dark places of grief and sorrow, being thankful can be painful.  On some days, it may seem there is nothing to be thankful for.  Yet in the darkness, thank Him that He is holy, perfect and graciously loved you when you were drowning in the depths of sin. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Be yourself and don’t be intimidated!

You don’t have to be a Bible scholar or even a “good person” to pray.  Your words don’t have to be fancy or clever. Simply be yourself and talk with Him the way you would your best friend. A humbled heart matters more than smooth talk or wise words.  (Matthew 6:5)

Listen to Him.

Are you quick to speak in your time with God, trying to fill up the silence with your words and thoughts?  Yet He longs for us to rest in Him, be still and listen.

Being in a relationship with anyone involves a mutual ebb and flow in conversation, just as your time with Him.  So let your words be few and your heart be open. Be ready to hear from the One True God as He sheds light on His plan for your life.

You may not hear Him with words, but you can trust He still speaks and guides His children.  Be ready. (Psalm 50:7)

Commit to praying for others and really do it.

“I’m praying for you” has become a catch-phrase of the Christian community.  It’s something we say and mean, yet often forget to do. To help you remember who you are praying for, carry a small notebook.  You can easily jot down who you need to pray for and reference it later.

Keeping a prayer journal is another simple way to record your prayers and praises.  As you experience God through prayer, your journal will be a keepsake of how God has moved in your life. (James 5:16)

Examine Your Heart

If you realize you’ve strayed from or need to start experiencing a powerful prayer life, there’s no better time like the present to start.

Simply start communicating with God again, no matter how long its been.  Trust that His grace will meet you where you are and that He’s waiting for you with open arms!

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