5 K-Pop Idols Who Still Have Perfect Side Profile Photos Without A Perfectly Straight Nose

Published on 15/06/2021

The most important factor to have a perfect side profile is a beautiful nose with a straight nose bridge. A straight nose can change the entire face contour, helping K-Pop idols become sharper, more handsome and beautiful. That is also the reason why there are some celebrities who have resorted to plastic surgery to get a pretty nose, and the more straight the bridge of the nose, the more praises it receives.

However, there are also K-Pop idols whose nose bridge is not perfectly straight but has a small protrusion. Koreans call this the ‘maeburi’ (hawk) nose. However, instead of getting a nose job, these idols have kept their natural appearance and proved that a beautiful side profile is still achievable without a straight nose bridge.

Recently, users on Theqoo forum listed 5 K-Pop idols who have a maeburi nose but still have a nice side profile. Let’s see who the chosen names are.


Park Jihoon’s nose bridge, if you don’t look at it closely, you will see it as a straight nose bridge. You have to look closer to see the protrusion in the middle of the nose, and this proves that the male idol has a naturally beautiful nose.


You can realize that Kai’s nose bridge is natural at first glance because it have protruding points and is not straight. However, this is perfect for Kai thanks to his sharp face lines and high nose bridge, adding to his masculine and seductive beauty.


Kang Daniel’s nose has a protrusion and the bridge is also not too high. However, it is extremely fit the male idol’s facial features, whether it’s a ‘cute puppy’ concept or a sexy concept.


Cha Eunwoo’s surreal beauty once made many people suspect that the male idol had plastic surgeries, but many cosmetologists have confirmed that his appearance is natural. If you don’t believe me, try looking at Cha Eunwoo’s nose – it has a pretty prominent point on the bridge of the nose, but that still doesn’t make the male idol’s side profile less perfect.


Sana is the only female idol named in this top 5. Sana’s nose has protruding points, the tip of the nose is also large and all prove that the female idol is naturally beautiful. Although her nose is not straight, Sana has a delicate nose shape, helping her side profile to receive a rain of compliments.

Some comments of Knet on Theqoo:

– Kang Daniel and Sana are so handsome and pretty.

– I like Kang Daniel’s nose a lot. It’s not perfect, but it’s very special.

– Sana’s nose is insanely beautiful. She is as beautiful as a sculpture.

-I think Park Jihoon’s nose is still quite straight.

– Kang Daniel’s nose looks very attractive.

– I can tell by looking at Cha Eunwoo’s nose that he is naturally handsome, and knowing that gives me goosebumps even more.

– When I read the title, I think of Kang Daniel and it’s true that he’s here.

– Natural nose will usually have that protrusion.

– You have to look closely at Park Jihoon’s nose to see the bump. What a natural yet beautiful nose.

– Even if their nose bridge is not straight, it still makes people jealous.

Do you know any idols who don’t have a straight nose bridge but still slays their side profiles?