5 Extremely Underrated KPOP Visuals

Published on 19/07/2021

In Kpop, there are many idols that just by mentioning “Kpop visuals”, we immediately think of them. Ironically, there are idols who are equally beautiful but are not mentioned often. Who are they?

ITZY’s Lia

After the latest comeback In The Morning of ITZY, Lia has drawn a lot of attention for the stunning visuals and impeccable aura. Even with a short scene where she wore a graceful floral dress, did a slight turn-around and stared at the camera, it’s still hard to deny how she just gave off an oddly attractive luxury vibe despite doing absolutely nothing special.

THEQOO] ITZY 'Mafia In The Morning' ile geri dönüş yaptı - Netizen Turkey

Soon enough, a post praising her beauty on Instiz was also dug up and people started to come to terms with how long they have been sleeping on her goddess appearance.

Compared to Yuna, the official visual of ITZY, Lia possesses the beauty of having a perfect combination of maturity and naiveness. Interestingly, she also has a duality that can pierce you with an RFB face but can also make your whole day with a squishy, angelic smile. 

Besides, while the group was set to pursue a badass girl-crush image, there is just something super chic, tranquil and classy about Lia’s look. Oh, and you remember her chaebol’s daughter role in WANNABE? Maybe the producer also felt her naturally rich vibe so he just let Lia portray this image.

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Also for the beautiful blending between purity and coldness in Lia’s visual, netizens said that she both reminded them about Suzy’s bright look in the early days and the reckless, powerful vibe of Min Yoora in The Last Empress. 

Besides the stunning visual and versatile aura, Lia also has a slim figure and admirable slender shoulders that can hook your eyes forever when she wore a sleeveless top.

kpop visuals lia

BTS’ Jimin

Talking of BTS, it’s quite common to just think immediately of the Bermuda visual triangle of Jin, V, and Jungkook. However, if your list just stops there then I’m sorry, it’s totally not complete when the unique visual of Jimin wasn’t mentioned.

Different from V, Jimin and Jungkook, Jimin’s appearance is like a hidden gem that doesn’t hook people right at first sight. Instead, it’s the type of visual that the more you look at Jimin, the harder you find to get his image out of your mind.

At Jimin, there is always something super special that can make people easily fall for him even with the most ordinary gestures.

Recently, Jimin was picked by IDN Times as one of the “Top 10 Most Stunning Main Dancers in K-Pop” praised by fans and netizens around the world.

Jimin even made it to the Editor’s Pick with the caption “Jimin of BTS, no doubt! He is one of the best dancers in the K-Pop industry!” along with a fancam of his iconic “I Need U” solo dance on MMA 2019.

kpop visual jimin

Though his performance only lasted for about one minute, it has gained 3.4 million views with rains of praises about how he could look super sexy when doing such delicate and lithe moves. 

Actually, even when Jimin just stood there and did nothing, he can already steal the hearts of people for the ethereal look. If you’re an ARMY, I bet that you know about this nine-second legendary clip of Jimin at Final Love Yourself Tour in Seoul where he just calmly looked at the audience, had a little greeting with fans, and still went viral.

You guys see that fine jawline?

In another case, Jimin went viral not for the ethereal look but for the cold and manly visuals. For example, after the performance of Your eyes tell, Jimin immediately made it onto the headlines of Allkpop and Koreaboo for looking surreally handsome.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung

Ever since TWICE was yet to be introduced with the official line-up, Tzuyu has already been famous for her visual. However, not many people realize that the visual of Chaeyoung also deserves a big shout-out and actually fits the strict standard of South Korean beauty more than anyone else. 

𝕭𝖆𝖉 𝕿𝖊𝖊𝖓𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖗𝖘 [𝐁𝐓𝐒×𝐁𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐊𝐏𝐈𝐍𝐊] [Terminada] in 2021 | Kpop girl bands, Kpop girls, Fun to be one

Besides checking all the boxes like white porcelain skin, heart-shaped lips, V-live face and straight nose, she also stands out with literally one of the most symmetrical faces ever on Earth.

You know the popular inverted filter that people use recently to check their facial symmetry? Try downloading one of her front face pictures and inverting it yourself, there are just no differences at all. Her eyes are perfectly identical, from the eyebrows, eyelids, shape to even the position of irises.

Besides that stunning visual, Chayeong also possessed an appealingly versatile aura that can help her nail both the swaggy, tomboy and graceful, feminine image just with minor changes of the hairstyle. 

Like this time when Chaeyeong still had the long wavy hair, she looks like an IT girl that effortlessly gives off a classy, graceful vibe. Oh, and if you’ve read the comic version of True Beauty, you’ll see how close the aura of Chaeyoung with long black hair is to the chic and girly image of Kang Sujin. 

Interestingly, with just a little change, another side of her visual was unveiled and instead of looking awkward when having on such a tomboy hairstyle, she actually looked genderlessly handsome like Wizard Howl in Howl’s Moving Castle. 

GOT7’s Jinyoung

Talking of GOT7, Jackson is often the first name to be called for his defined and masculine look. However, it seems that people have been sleeping on the visual of Jinyoung for too long and ignored the fact that just because he’s handsome in a different way than Jackson doesn’t mean he doesn’t look good. 

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In contrast to the swag and sharp visual of Jackson, Jinyoung possesses a gentle and traditional look with soft facial features, high, straight nose and plump lips.

Even just through a picture like this one, you can still sense the rich, good boy vibe of a top student in high school K-drama or a typical chaebol’s son in a more dramatic series like Penthouse or something like that. 

Jinyoung - GOT7 người hâm mộ Art (43078849) - fanpop

It’s hard to deny that Jinyoung also has an actor visual and in the past, his handsomeness was even said to be quite similar to Kim Soo Hyun, especially the noble character that he played in the legendary drama My Love From Another Star. 

You see, except for the eyes, their facial features are quite similar, from the straight, high nose, rather a light complexion and especially the plump lips. That is not to mention how they always emit the same gentleman and good boy aura.

Fromis_9’s Lee Nakyung

The case of Nakyung is probably an exception because though she is the official visual of fromis_9, her beauty is quite underrated since her reputation isn’t so huge as what a visual member of other groups often receives. 

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You sure know about how Tzuyu was so famous for her visuals that she became the favorite member from the SIXTEEN era to when TWICE debuted. Unfortunately, while Nakyung also has a similar stunning appearance as Tzuyu, her reputation didn’t thrive as expected. 

In fact, Nakyung was even called the “smol Tzuyu” when still on Idol School and once made the headlines when a post comparing how she and Tzuyu look so alike: from the large eyes, small face and sharp nose line. 

Even Lee Chae Young, another contestant on Idol School, had commented during the first episode, “You look like Tzuyu”, “I think you’ll be compared a lot.” 

In retrospect, many netizens expressed their regret as Nakyung can’t really thrive despite checking all the boxes of an ideal idol. 

However, considering the fact that she didn’t start on a bright note, since Idol School was a rigged show where votes were flagrantly manipulated, then fromis_9 continued to be ignored after IZ*ONE debuted and until now, they haven’t had a comeback in forever.

That’s why Nakyung’s visual is underrated and barely mentioned whenever there’s a rank of top visuals in the industry.

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So, of the five idols, whose visual do you think should have earned more recognition since ages ago? Comment down below to share your thoughts with us.