4 Female Korean Celebrities That Created A Stir With Their Visuals In Their Profile Photos

Published on 13/07/2021

The visual power they hold is INSANE!

Profile shots of a celebrity drive their fans crazy because they showcase their incredible visuals with a more natural look, and celebrities absolutely nail them! Here are 4 female Korean celebrities whose visual power was so incredible, they created a buzz online when they released new profile shots of themselves!

1. Former IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon

After IZ*ONE’s disbandment in April 2021, Kang Hyewon’s agency, 8D Creative, released new profile shots of the idol, and netizens everywhere were instantly in love!

With the natural-looking makeup and her expressions, Hyewon was a serious beaut in these pictures!

2. Kim Yoo Jung

Actress Kim Yoo Jung also released her profile photos a while back, and people couldn’t get over how gorgeous she looked!

She stunned with her bright smile in some photos and entranced fans with her somber expression in other photos, and delivered some top-notch visuals!

3. Go Yoon Jung

Go Yoon Jung is another female celebrity whose profile photos have stuck with netizens for how pretty she looked in them!

This beautiful actress’s expressions were perfect in all her photos, and made many netizens excited to see her visuals and skills on-screen ASAP!

4. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

When YG Entertainment dropped new profile photos of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, it gained tons of attention because of how captivating she looked while simply gazing at the camera in casual attire!

Jisoo was absolutely stunning in her photos, and it’s no wonder she’s so revered for her goddess-like visuals!