Who Are The Most Handsome Male Idols In Black Hair?

Published on 12/11/2021

According to netizens, these 10 idols from boy groups pull off black hair the best. Check out their choices below!

Idols must be the ones who change most hair colors because of their new songs’ concept, comebacks or sometimes nothing. They just need to refresh their image. It is undeniable that having a light-colored hair color makes them stand out and have that halo of an idol but there are others who could make the basic black hair more gorgeous, even better than light-colored hair.


His face is not regular handsome but charismatic and unreal that he could pull of any colors he wants for the hair. The idol has tried many wild shades but there is something especially charming about his dark locks.

Beak Jin Young – CIX

Jinyoung’s signature silky black ‘do is almost an essential part of his stage performances.

Taeyong – NCT

Taeyong is another male idol who receives tons of compliments for his anime-like visuals. His sharp jawline could easily steal anyone’s heart. Just like V, he always looks best whether which hairstyles he has, from long, short to mullet or even half-half colored hair. However, when Taeyong goes black, he goes supreme.


Whether his hair is styled up or down, S.Coups looks his best with jet black hair.

Younghoon – The boyz

Younghoon is handsome with any hair color, but black gives him a mysterious and alluring vibe.

Woo Seok – Pentagon

Wooseok’s style is usually all-black — including his hair!


It is not wrong when calling Haruto the new visual of gen 5th K-Pop idol groups. His Japanese visual looks stunning and mature though he’s only 16 years old! Plus a deep-voice rap and the black hair, Haruto owns the game!

Yook Sung Jae – BTOB

Yook Sung Jae pulls off the impression of a warm-hearted guy with a golden heart so that nothing but basic black hair is perfect on him.

Yohan – WEI

Yohan has yet to try a hairstyle besides black, but no one’s complaining — It fits him like a glove!

Minhyuk – Monsta X

Minhyuk with black hair is serious boyfriend material!