14 Breathtaking Times The BTS Members Showed Their Rock-Hard Abs

Published on May 10, 2021

Jimin may be BTS‘s King of Abs, but the other members are in desirable shape too!

1. Suga

Suga‘s abs have rarely been seen since BTS’s “No More Dream” era!

2. Jimin

Fans can always count on Jimin to put on a sexy show!

3. J-Hope

He bared all during a fun day in the sun!

4. V

During BTS’s early days, showed off his amazing physique on stage.

5. Jungkook

6. Jimin

Cause of death: heart attack. Cause of heart attack: Jimin.

7. V

A hilarious facial expression and a flash of abs. That’s how you define a good photo!

8. Jimin

Fans are forever thanking BTS’s choreographer for that dance move.

9. Jin

Jin is known for his wide shoulders, but he also has very defined abs!

10. Jimin

Jimin turns up the heat every single time he’s on stage!

11. Jungkook

That cute face and those abs? Talk about winning the genetic lottery!

12. Jimin

When will Jimin fans get tired of seeing his abs? Never.

13. Jin

Jin flashed his abs during BTS’s concert in Fukuoka.

14. Everyone

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This moment was one of the highlights from the “Bulletproof” music video.