10 Times BTS’s V Proved He Was An Honorary Rap Line Member

Published on 15/10/2021

BTS‘s V may be a member of the vocal line, but that doesn’t stop him from overflowing with passion the moment he picks up the mic to start rapping! Check out 10 times he showed off his enthusiasm for rap and proved he has what it takes to be part of the rap line.

1. No one was ready for rapper “Taechwita” during Muster Sowoozoo.

2. V is the #1 fanboy of every Cypher.

3. Whether he’s rapping to “Ddaeng” and “UGH!,” he’s always having the time of his life!

5. He couldn’t resist giving Suga’s “Born Singer” verse a try.

6. Sometimes, he exclusively speaks in “Ddaeng” lyrics.

7. His love for the song is endless!

8. Just let him rap on stage, already!

9. ARMYs will never forget the time vocal line became rap line during the encore of “Fake Love.”

10. You can expect nonstop rapping during road trips with V!